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Do you really want to buy a home built by Mungo?

Columbia, Greenville/Spartanburg, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Raleigh

The Mungo Difference:  Inferior building materials and practices, shoddy lot and foundation preparation, arrogant and threatening attitude by Stewart Mungo and employees such as Kim Finney.  These are people you need to avoid!

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Inside view of kitchen door Damage to road in front of house due shoddy sewer installation by Mungo and/or one of his contractors.
Close-up view of kitchen door.  Notice level 'bubble'. Damage to road in front of driveway due to shoddy sewer installation by Mungo and/or one of his contractors.
Kitchen wall failing due to foundation problems. Steps and landing falling away from house (kitchen door).
Outside view of kitchen door.  Notice the frame is out of level. Sunken front yard, repaired twice by the Town of Lexington due to shoddy installation of sewer line by Mungo and/or one of his contractors.
Outside view of bottom of kitchen door.  Out of level.  
Notice crack in brick.  
Close-up of crack.  
Notice the bottom edge of siding increasing from left to right.  
Drain installed by homeowner due to shoddy lot grading.  
Additional supports added to floor system because someone forgot they were needed.  
Ooops!! Forgot to add supports to floor joists!!  
Another Ooops!!  Forgot to attach deck to house! Hope it doesn't buckle and people are injured or killed!  
House built in 1992 began showing signs of foundation failure in 1999. A seven year old house should not have foundation failure.
Not too shabby for a dumb lawnmower mechanic, huh???
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Ooops, we forgot to disclose to the homeowners in the Summit that there may be live ordinance buried in your yard!
Ooops, we didn't know about wetlands! Wonder if this was the same sewer contractor used in Whiteford?
As your website states, been in business since 1954 , 3 Certified Master Builders and I could find none listed in any registry.
About me:  I have over 25 years in geo-technical engineering and environmental engineering fields.